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Discover The PS-103 Difference

When it comes to choosing an Aroma Scent Diffuser you have two options. You can either choose a cheaply made and flimsy diffuser that will stop working after a few days and make you regret your choice OR you can go with the most durable, mesmerizing and user-friendly fragrance oil diffuser. And now we’ve made this dilemma even easier for you! How? Now you don’t need to put up with boring and low quality oil diffusers anymore.

The Power Scent Diffuser is a smart controllable portable medium space home fragrance diffuser. Our fragrance oil diffuser is more than an aromatherapy diffuser, it’s design, innovation and nature coming together to create the ultimate home scent diffuser.

Developing Our
Fragrance Oils

In a careful process, fragrance designers develop each fragrance oil by selecting the essential oils or other aromatic chemical compounds that blend well together and then by determining the ideal amount of each oil for the particular theme that is intended to be captured for the resultant blend. To illustrate, for a scent inspired by the feeling of spending a sunny summer day at the beach, the ideal aromatic compounds would likely have light, refreshing, and uplifting qualities.

Ingredients that are both artificial and naturally derived commonly go into the production of fragrance oils. Though some fragrance Oils might not necessarily be entirely natural, they can still have the ability to uphold the same quality as essential oils and can sometimes exude stronger, longer-lasting aromas. Fragrance oils can be either 100% synthetic or they can be comprised of up to 80% essential oils.

Never Tested 
on Animals

Never tested on animals!!

Straight Oils!!

No fillers, No additives!!

Our fragrances are all about purity. We are passionate about providing the highest quality fragrances made from the purest essential and fragrance oils that are eco happy and healthy. Our team of fragrance experts have put in thousands of hours to come up with our industries top fragrances.

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