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In a careful process, fragrance designers develop each Fragrance Oil by selecting the Essential Oils or other aromatic chemical compounds that blend well together and then by determining the ideal amount of each oil for the particular theme that is intended to be captured for the resultant blend. To illustrate, for a scent inspired by the feeling of spending a sunny summer day at the beach, the ideal aromatic compounds would likely have light, refreshing, and uplifting qualities.

Ingredients that are both artificial and naturally derived commonly go into

the production of Fragrance Oils. Though some Fragrance Oils might not

necessarily be entirely natural, they can still have the ability to uphold the

same quality as Essential Oils and can sometimes exude stronger,

longer-lasting aromas. Fragrance Oils can be either 100% synthetic

or they can be comprised of up to 80% Essential Oils.

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Top, Middle, & Base Notes In A Fragrance
Like a musical composition, fragrance is made up of singular notes that harmonize together to create
an aromatic symphony. Every note has a purpose, and every note evokes a feeling. Rather than simply
listing the oils as ingredients in our fragrance, we organized them into the three categories of notes
present in fragrance. Seeing which aromas are in the top, middle, and base notes can help you
anticipate what the experience of smelling a fragrance will be like.


Also referred to as headnotes, top notes are the first impression of a fragrance. It’s these first notes that either draw you into an aroma or push you away. The oils that are classified as top notes tend to be fresh and sharp. Their lighter molecular structure means that their aroma will not linger as long, and with time they will give way to the middle notes.


Middle notes, or heart notes, will make its presence known as the top note fades. These full-bodied notes make up the heart of a fragrance and determine the more dominant
aroma. The oils that are classified as middle notes tend to be well-rounded and pleasant. Their aroma will linger longer than the top notes
before introducing the base notes.


Base Notes are those that linger longest on the skin after the other notes have faded. While the top and middle notes of the fragrance are the most noticeable, the bottom notes are the underlying aroma throughout the aroma of the fragrance. The oils in this note classification tend to be deep and rich, and first appear once the top notes have dissipated.

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